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Keep Good Records Now to Reduce Tax-Time Stress



Issue Number:    IRS Summertime Tax Tip 2011-23 August 26, 2011 Keep Good Records Now to Reduce Tax-Time Stress  You may not be thinking about your tax return right now, but summer is a great time to start planning for next year. Organized records not only make preparing your return easier, but

Donna is one of the most professional…



“Donna is one of the most professional person I’ve worked with.  Business understanding and a full set of values that help create the difference.  She really help me to drive my business and made the setup more easy.” Edgar Gonzalez, Owner, ServiceMaster

A true Entrepreneur, Donna is…



“A true Entrepreneur, Donna is an incredibly vigorous worker who truly supports those she comes into contact.  Able to manage multiple companies, she is both a person of true integrity and vision.  I certainly would recommend her to my closest of friends.” Chris Bombela, Business Development:  Major Accounts

I have worked with Donna…



“I have worked with Donna Thomas at two companies.  What a pleasure.  It is rare to find such compassion, knowledge and work ethic all wrapped into one.  I would highly recommend her and completely believe and trust in her work” Sabrina Shaw

Donna is one of those amazing, unique, gifted…



“Donna is one of those amazing, unique, gifted, skilled and positive people that you want to be around.  We have so much in common!  She is a go getter, or rather a go giver, wanting to help business people grow their business.  She has amazing energy to find new clients