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Medical Billing & Field Services

Medical Billing & Field Services

Medical Billing & Field Service Austin

  • Web-Based Electronic Medical Billing
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Patient Payment Plan
  • Patient Well Care Program
  • Checks by Phone
  • Profit Recovery Service (Collections)
  • Web-Based Electronic Medical Billing Software for In-House Use


Take the Next Step Up

Running a medical office is no easy task.  You want more time to provide hands on care for your patients.  At DT Outsourcing, Inc., we can assist you by automating many of your processes which in turn will reduce your manual workload.  From electronic medical billing to profit recovery, we offer a wide range of medical field solutions.  Each uniquely customized solution is affordably priced for business of all sizes.  By taking the next step up, you can afford the sophistication and focus your energy on running the office efficiently and effectively.  Best of all, your staff will have more time to take care of your patients.


Don’t Wait

Talk to us about your business needs today.  Our experts are standing by to assist you in your medical billing and field services.  We offer the solutions you need to succeed.  With our wide range of services, we’ll help you customize a plan that fits your needs.  Why wait?  Make the call today.


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