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About Us

Who We Are

DT Outsourcing, Inc. is committed to provide quality service to small to medium-size business with the highest levels of integrity at affordable cost. We are dedicated to serve each client with professionalism and with a personal touch. Our goal is to provide each business owner with tools to help them expand and grow their business.


Mission Statement

To maintain reliable and professional solutions that empower companies to meet their business goals.  Our purpose is to operate with a high standard of excellence and integrity with commitment that All We Do Be Done to the Glory of God.


Company Profile

DT Outsourcing, Inc. has been in business since 2000.


Donna Thomas, President

Born and raised in Texas, Donna started her career in the banking industry in 1985 where she worked for several years until 1991 when Texas was faced with the big real estate boom that affected many banks.  During her 6 years at the bank, Donna gained a great deal of experience in all areas of the financial industry from accounting to loans.  She then moved on to work for a software development company that developed and sold software packages to financial institutions.  During her 5 years with this company, Donna traveled all over the United States converting, installing and training bank employees on how to use the software.  In addition, Donna worked as a CFO for over 10 years of a restaurant development company involving nine major restaurants.  This allowed her to obtain a great deal of expertise in the hospitality industry.

With owning four successful companies and more than 25 years of industry experience, Donna has the knowledge and expertise of a serial entrepreneur who has the ability to do some of everything.  Donna and her team of individuals specialize in providing superior leadership and guidance in several areas that allow her to clients to outsource their task with ease and confidence.

Donna prides herself in her work and values: reliability, responsibility, integrity, focus, and a strong attention to detail.  When DT Outsourcing, Inc. is the power behind your company, you know that Donna will always have your back.